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Honorable Mention : Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival

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Eligible for Oscar (2001)

Nominated for the TASH Image Award

Film Festivals

Sarasota Film Festival ( January 2001)

The Santa Clara International Family Film Festival (March 2001)

Cine Nites (June 2001)

Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival (September 2001)

Green Reel Film Festival (September 2002)


Cast List & Principal Production Staff:

Nicole Quest - Dawn Grabowski

Man in Fantasy aka Lance Windsor - Christopher Judd

Mr. Professor Louie - Christopher Cass

Michael St. John - Chris Allen

Nicole's Dad Robert - David Hall

Nicole's Mom - Joni Rudesill

Good Looking Guy at Bar - Jack Patterson

Acting Teacher - Elizabeth Speckman

Bartender - Bill Mehelm

Man in Car - Jim Blanchette

Body Double - Melissa Schultz

Writer/Producer - Dawn Grabowski

Director of Photography - Jeff Stasney

Director - Wendy Wolverton

Editor - Karen Rasch

Dangerous Perceptions

This film was not completed until 2009. It was originally entered into the IMDB Database when pre-production began in 2005. The name was changed in post-production upon completion however we have been unsuccessful in correcting the incorrect listing information within the IMDB Database. Currently the film is being shopped for distribution.

"Her Job is her life; but Nicole's passion might cost her everything."

Visit to view the trailer, productions stills, and much more.

“Always Going Up”

Is the Autobiographical one-woman show by Dawn Grabowski. Dawn is an actress pursuing her dream amidst the “Hollywood Reality.”

This show started as a creative outlet for Dawn to express and vent her feelings about the passion she feels for is in her work. What it became was an amazing growing and learning evolving work in progress.

Dawn Grabowski has her own children's version of Always Going Up into schools to perform and educate children (see Motivational Speaking for more information). Dawn is also continuing to write more adventures of Nicole Quest. This time she is writing her adventures in book form.

Shattering Images Synopsis:

Shattering Images is a ten minute 35 mm film that mixes drama with comedy to show the struggles of our Physically Challenged young lady as she pursues her goal of having an acting career. She occasionally slips into a comforting world of fantasy to survive.

DANGEROUS PERCEPTIONS was an Official Selection at

Action On Film Festival, 2016 with two award nominations and one win:

**Best First Time Filmmaker: First AOF Appearance

**The Hollywood Dreams Excellence in Film (Winner)

For a complete list of Nominees and Awards click here.

DANGEROUS PERCEPTIONS will also showed at

the Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival

in Las Vegas, July 14-21, 2017.  (Check Back for More Information)

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Please join me as I navigate and interpret the triumph, trials, and uniqueness of living in two different worlds on my journey in this life in my new Web Series "Life in Limbo.” 

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Samantha Olivia Sony loves television more than reality. What’s Your Channel 4 Life? is a dramedy that follows Samatha as she explores her feelings about life. When the humor dissipates you get a glimpse into her trepidation & vunerability. Samantha wants a happy ending for herself, but will she get one? Tune in to find out.

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What’s Your Channel 4 Life?

Logline: One woman’s struggle with a powerful obsession...television.

FYC: Outstanding Writing for a Non-Fiction Program (Short Form), Dawn Grabowski

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Outstanding Actress in Short-Form Comedy or Drama Dawn Grabowski

Outstanding Short Format Series Comedy or Drama Quest The Series

Quest The Series is set in the early 2000's when there was a lot of controversy surrounding Stem Cell research. The series has a retro feel and an exciting plot, see if Dr. Quest's passion is enough to keep her alive.

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Quest The Series

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Outstanding Actress in Short Form Comedy or Drama Series

Quest The Series

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Laughter Love Persistence Passion is the documentary of Dawn Grabowski's Philosophy of Life. It is the story of how a two week vacation turned into a life and career. Dawn Grabowski uses a Wheelchair and/or crutches daily as she maneuvers through life despite having  Cerebral Palsy.

Laughter Love Persistence Passion was one of 87 participants in the 2020 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, a feat in its own right especially during a time where few people are creating films.