Shattering Images logoShattering Images Synopsis:

Shattering Images is a ten minute 35 mm film that mixes drama with comedy to show the struggles of our Physically Challenged young lady as she pursues her goal of having an acting career. She occasionally slips into a comforting world of fantasy to survive.




Honorable Mention : Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival
Coming Attractions
Eligible for Oscar (2001)
Nominated for the TASH Image Award

Film Festivals:

Sarasota Film Festival ( January 2001)
The Santa Clara International Family Film Festival (March 2001)
Cine Nites (June 2001)
Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival (September 2001)
Green Reel Film Festival (September 2002)

Cast List & Principal Production Staff:

Nicole Quest – Dawn Grabowski
Man in Fantasy aka Lance Windsor – Christopher Judd
Mr. Professor Louie – Christopher Cass
Michael St. John – Chris Allen
Nicole’s Dad Robert – David Hall
Nicole’s Mom – Joni Rudesill
Good Looking Guy at Bar – Jack Patterson
Acting Teacher – Elizabeth Speckman
Bartender – Bill Mehelm
Man in Car – Jim Blanchette
Body Double – Melissa Schultz

Writer/Producer – Dawn Grabowski
Director of Photography – Jeff Stasney
Director – Wendy Wolverton
Editor – Karen Rasch